Ivan Mirkovski, MA.

  • Teaching associate
  • University American College Skopje
  • http://www.uacs.edu.mk

Ivan Mirkovski, (born 1979) is an architect and urban planner; currently resides in Skopje and Vienna. He began his studies at the University of Cyril and Methodius – Faculty of Architecture in Skopje but soon after he moves to Vienna where he obtains his MA degree in Architecture and Urban Planning under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Erich Raith. At the moment he is a candidate in

In 2003 Mirkovski enters the department of Urban Planning and Design at the Technical University of Vienna as an assistant to Prof Dr. Erich Raith – the Head of the department, beginning his academic carrier. In 2010 he begins teaching urban design at UACS University – School of Architecture and Design. In 2015 he wins the Macedonian Prize in Architecture delivered by the President.

At the moment he runs his private architectural studio in Skopje, teaches urban design at the UAC Skopje and pursues his PhD title at the University of Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Philosophy.