Irena Avirovic Bundalevska, PhD

  • Associate professor
  • Faculty of Philosophy - Skopje (UKIM)

Irena Avirovic Bundalevska is active in the field of Family Studies focusing on the historical and socio-cultural evolution of the family. She is Associate Professor at the Institute of Family Studies, Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje, University “SS. Cyril and Methodius” since 2014. Her research interest focus on cultural and social changes in the Balkan region during the 20th century, history of family and marriage, multiculturalism and ethnic diversity.



    Abstract: In the past years, the emigration of population from the Republic of North Macedonia is a highly relevant topic. Special focus is given to the reasons for emigration which are mostly identified as economic reasons, i.e. low income rates, poor living standards, unemployment and poverty. This paper analyzes emigration trends from Western Macedonia, a region […]