Dijana Gjorgjieva, Ph.D

  • Ph.D civil procedural law
  • Faculty of law

Date and place of birth: 25.08.1986 Stip
Primary education: completed in Vancho Prke Primary School in Stip
Secondary education: completed in S.S Slavco Stojmenski Stip. During her secondary school education Diana Gorgieva won first place at the State History Competition held in Prilep in May 2005 and received about 20 awards in the field of literature.
Higher Education: Graduated Law Faculty – Justinian I Law Faculty in Skopje in 2008
Masters Degree: Graduated on the Faculty of Law Justinijan I in Skopje – Civil Law course – Civil Procedure Law. Master’s thesis: defended on 10 January 2011 under the title “European Enforcement order for Uncontested Claims” under the mentorship of prof. Tatjana Zoroska Kamilovska, PhD (Committee on Defense composed of: Prof. Tatjana Zoroska Kamilovska, Ph.D., Arsen Janevski, Ph.D., and Toni Deskovski, Ph.D.)
Doctoral studies: Graduated on the Faculty of Law Justinian I in Skopje – Civil Law course – Civil Procedural Law. Doctoral dissertation: defended on 02.07.2019 entitled “The legal nature of the right of legal protection in civil procedure” under the mentorship of prof. Dr. Arsen Janevski (Committee of Defense composed of: Prof. Dr. Arsen Janevski, Prof. Dr. Tatjana Zoroska Kamilovska, Prof. Dr. Rodna Zivkovska, Prof. Dr. Jadranka Dabovic Anastasovska and Prof. Dr. Emine Zendeli)