Darko Dimovski

  • Associate professor
  • Faculty of Law in Nis
  • http://www.prafak.ni.ac.rs

Dr. DarkoDimovski is an associate professor in the field of criminal law science at the Faculty of Law, University ofNiš. He is currently acting as a vicepresident of the NGO “Club for Moot Court, debate and Rhetoric Iustitia Niš”. Dr. Dimovski was the Head of the Law Clinic at the Faculty of Law from 2016 to 2019. He lives in Niš, Serbia, Stevana Sremca 15/12.The doctoral dissertation titled “Criminological aspect of homicide” Dr. Dimovski defended in March 2013. Dr. Dimovksi was elected as an associate professor in June 2018.
In accordance with the curriculum, Dr. Dimovski teaches the following courses in the bachelor studies: Criminology, Victimology, Penology, Legal gender studies and Clinical legal education. As for the master programme, he teaches the courses: Law enforcement of criminal sanctions, Crime of violence and Organized crime. He is also engaged in lecturing in the master of the Interior Affairs in subjects: Family violence and Cyber crime. In the doctoral studies, Dr. Dimovski teaches Criminology, Penology, Juvenile criminal law and Criminology of juvenile delinquency.
As per decision of the Faculty of Law Dean, he was appointed as an academic coach for a Moot Court Competition at the European Court of Human Rights. Since 2012, he and teams led by him won several regional and European awards. Namely, in 2012 his team won the second place prize, in 2013 the teamwas awarded for the best submissions, in 2014 was wonthe first place. Then, on the super trans-European Moot Court competition, his team won the first place. In 2015 the team led by him won the first place, and on the super trans-European Moot Court competition, won the second place. In 2016 his team won the third place, in 2017 the first place, in 2018 third place, and fourth place in 2019. At the European Moot Court Competition in 2012,Dr.Dimovski and his team won the 6th place, in 2013 the 14th place, in 2016his team won the 4th place, and in 2017 his team won the 2nd place for written submissions. On the first pre-moot court competition in Warszawa his team won the 3rdplace. Finally, at Nuremberg world moot court competition, his team won the 5th place for written submissions.
He participated in the organization of a national competition in the simulation of criminal proceedings under the name ” Strengthening the capacity of law students in the implementation of the 2011 Criminal Procedure Code with special emphasis on cross-examination in adversarial criminal proceedings” from 16 to 18 October 2020 funded by US Embassy, which was attended by teams from Belgrade, Kragujevac and Nis. “Open Doors of Justice”, funded by USAID, is next project in which Darko Dimovski is participant. He is one of the coordinator of Mobile legal clinic conducted by the Human Rights Committee from Nis, funded by the US Embassy in Belgrade. Also, based on his idea, the US Embassy in Belgrade is financing the reconstruction of two classrooms into courtrooms.