Biljana Todorova

  • Associate professor
  • Faculty of Law, Goce Delcev University in Stip

Biljana Todorova, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Social Security Law and Labour Law at Faculty of Law, University „Goce Delcev“- Stip, Republic of North Macedonia. She has published a few books and a range of articles in the area of Labour Law and Social Security Law. Her research focuses on domestic and international labour law and policy, decisions and the roles of governments in promoting social and economic improvement on the labour market in the era of globalization. She has participated in the drafting of national labour legislation.



    Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic creates new jeopardy to fundamental principles and rights at work. In the Republic of North Macedonia workers were the first to be hit after the state of emergency was declared because they had to deal with the consequences of the coronavirus. It seems that in the country workers often paid the price […]